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A new 

based on a high 
level of trust

Offer your high-profile clients a 
personalized & ultra secured ecosystem 
dedicated to private data storage and 
confidential file-sharing.


Hosted in 
Switzerland, under 
the protection of
Swiss law

Data are both nowhere and everywhere, this is why it is so complex to master the law applicable to private digital information and avoid any unexpected inquiry.

With My Swiss Keeper, you can offer your clients a 100% Swiss made solution : A data storage exclusively located in Geneva, provided by a Swiss company with no link to foreign entities, solely regulated by Swiss law and safeguarded from any extraterritorial regulations such as the « Cloud Act ».

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A cyber integrity guaranteed by the highest grade of encryption

With the exponential rise of data-sharing and online traffic, the threat to confidential and sensitive documents has increased proportionately.

On my Swiss Keeper, your client’s private space benefits from the highest encryption grade to guarantee his digital integrity against potential cyber-attacks.

At all time, the activity is strictly monitored, recorded and certified by blockchain for total traceability of any action happening on the platform.

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sophisticated and 

Of course your clients need privacy, but their lifestyle requires versatility. We developed a user-centric technology with no concession to security which gives your clients instant access to their data easily, at all time, from everywhere and through any kind of device.

My Swiss Keeper is totally designed to meet their expectations for confidentiality and match their highly connected and mobile way of life.

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A secure solution 
for now and many years from now

My Swiss Keeper is not only the perfect solution for 
today, but also for tomorrow. In ten, twenty or thirty 
years, your data will still be stored at the very same 
place, under the same optimal security conditions 
and legal terms. A future-proof digital tool ready to 
help you build with your high profile clients a long-
term relationship.

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A trustworthy network of international 

Accessible only to lawyers seeking the most secure service of data sharing and storage for their most demanding clients, the concept of My Swiss Keeper is, in essence, a guarantee of total privacy. By becoming a Keeper, you will integrate a circle of wealth management counsellors and legal advisors from everywhere in the world who represent the interests of high profile individuals and deal with the same challenges as you.

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Be a keeper
become the 
guardian of your clients’ privacy

Because we interact only with you and not with 
the end-user, My Swiss Keeper puts you at the core of 
your client cyber integrity. Furthermore, our company 
has no access to the data stored on our digital 
ecosystem. You organise the accesses and the file-
sharing under your own terms and according to your client’s requirements.

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Expect the best, get prepared for 
the worst

The most secure system should be ready for any eventuality. My Swiss Keeper includes different features made to help your client face future confidently. In case of emergency or if a device is lost or stolen, the panic button function will instantly erase any connection, access or personal data. In case of accidental death, the rights and accesses will be automatically transferred to the legal heirs to guarantee a seamless conveyance of property.

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About us

A smart solution designed to give 
the best of both worlds

Imagined by legal experts

A worldwide network of legal experts, fiscal
 counsellors, law firms, family offices and fiduciaries.

Perfected by engineers

A group specialized in the development of 
technologies for the management and the 
protection of digital identities and personal data.
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Because we interact only with you and not with the end-user, My Swiss Keeper puts you at the core of your client cyber integrity. Furthermore, our company has no access to the data stored on our digital ecosystem. You organize the accesses and the file-sharing under your own terms and according to your client’s requirements.
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ISO27001 certified
Data stored in ISO27001 certified
Swiss data centres
An international group, expert in the management and protection of digital identities and personal data, with a mission to help
clients reclaim their digital sovereignty.

With over 2500 collaborators around the world, Be-ys is a trusted third-party, certified to the ETSI standard, member of the French trusted third-party federation.

Be-ys is leading European research projects in A1, blockchain and bigdata. Its main customers are in Health (Swisslife, Generali) and Law (Conseil National des Barreaux).
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